Sommie Express

Sommie Express

Washi Tape
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Sommie Express is a stamp washi tape featuring 7 different designs inspired by Fire Emblem Engage. Washi tape is a type of paper tape originally from Japan. They're popular with crafters and scrapbookers for their delicate versatility and beautiful printed designs. The paper gives these "stamps" a vintage finish that compliments the artwork in a subtle and elegant way.

This tape is finished with gold foil stamping.

♢ 25mm wide. Each roll has 10m of tape.

♢ Water resistant

♢ Water activated adhesive (optional! They're still sticky without water, but water will create a stronger bond)

♢ 7 different repeating designs

♢ "Postage stamp-style" perforation along all edges and between each design 

♢ Gold foiling details