Pin grading guide.

Enamel pins are each unique and carefully crafted by hand. As such, imperfections naturally occur, making no two pins alike. 

We meticulously inspect each pin and sort them into three groups based on their magnitude of imperfections, referred to as "Grades". The flaws between the three grades are mostly the same, just to different degrees.

Flawed pins (i.e. B and C grade pins) are discounted proportionally. They're an economical alternative to A-grades, each unique in their own right.


  • Virtually no readily noticeable flaws.
  • May include minuscule specks in the enamel, light scratches in metal plating, and tiny dents.


  • Few noticeable flaws.
  • May include specks in the enamel, scratches in metal plating, dents, or minorly mis-coloured enamel.


  • Some noticeable flaws.
  • May include many specks in the enamel, more noticeable scratches in metal plating, dents, mis-coloured enamel fill, or missing enamel fill.